We have received advice from the Law Society of NSW that there are scammers obtaining access to legitimate emails forward by solicitors to clients and changing details of bank accounts so that money that the client thinks is being banked into the solicitors trust account is being banked into the account of the fraudster.

Scammers have been hacking into the solicitors email accounts and obtain client information and have able to change and redirect legitimate emails, so they are almost identical to the email sent by the law firm.

When Property Law & More is asking a client to transfer money into our trust account, for any reason, we will always do this in a letter. We will not email you our trust account details in the body of an email. If you have any concerns over the correctness of our trust account details please telephone use and we can confirm the account numbers over the telephone.

If you suspect you have received a fraudulent email from Property Law and More please advise us immediately so that we can investigate.