From 1 July 2018 all standalone caveats and transfers will need to be lodged for registration electronically using the PEXA eConveyancing platform. Also, all mortgages and discharges of mortgage must also be lodged electronically.

This is the latest increment in the timeline for full conversion to electronic conveyancing. The team at Property Law & More are registered PEXA members who are qualified to conduct all forms of electronic conveyancing. We are able to use this platform to complete the purchase, or sale, of your property.

The first electronic settlement took place in 2014 and these are now becoming more common than paper settlement transactions. This is heading towards 1 July 2019 were all mainstream property transaction will be required to be lodged electronically. Following this time there will be no more paper Certificates of Title issued and NSW will move into a system, not unlike Queensland, were paper Certificates of Title are a thing of the past.

eConveyancing is part of NSW Governments commitment to leading digital innovation. The team at Property Law & More embrace technology and are here to assist you with all your eConveyancing needs.

Please feel free to contact one of the team at Property Law & More to discuss conveyancing and how it may benefit you.